Travel Assist

Streamline your business travel experience by ensuring you have all the information you need before you depart.

Health requirements

Have you checked your health requirements for this trip? For further details consult your GP.



Travel Advisories

Check with the Foreign & Commonwealth office before booking any travel, to view any travel warnings

Your travel insurance may not be valid if there is a warning issued for the country to which you are travelling.



Corporate Traveller provide an after hours emergency assist service for all our clients - during business hours please contact your Travel Manager. 

For after hours emergencies call 0208 336 5276


Passport and Visas

We recommend all travellers carry their passport on all flights including domestic flights as it is now mandatory for the majority of airlines as a universal means of identification.

You should also ensure you have valid visas for all countries you are visiting. For further information and assistance contact Ross Consular.


Flying in or out of the United States?

ESTA - the fee for using the USA's compulsory online immigration system Esta at $14 (£8.80). The fee must be paid by credit card or debit card at and the system accepts only MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover.

APIS - the TSA's Secure Flight Program requires identification information ahead of time in order to verify passenger names against the 'Watch list' and the 'No fly' list. The additional information is aimed at reducing the number of mis-matches and therefore disruptions to you the passenger. What does this mean for you? If you do not provide the information:

  • You cannot board a flight to, from, within or via the USA without giving this information.
  • You may experience significant delay at the airport possibly causing you to miss your flight or be denied booking.
  • Bookings without the secure flight data 72h prior to travel (or at time of booking within this period) may be cancelled without warning.

Your Travel Manager MUST enter the data into the PNR (booking) for all passengers travelling to, from within or via the USA at least 72 hours prior to travel or immediately for late bookings made within 72 hours of travel.

The good news is that the basic APIS information contains the required information for secure flight, therefore if you have entered APIS additional information is not required unless you have a 'redress' or 'known passenger' number.

USA Global Entry for UK Citizens

To view a list of US airports which have a Global Entry kiosk, please click here


*please note, Corporate Traveller are not liable for the accuracy of information provided by 3rd party suppliers or organisations.