Corporate Traveller


Intuitive online booking tools that fit your needs
Apps and alerts to keep travellers connected
Traveller profile and policy management
Increased visibility of your travel spend

Solutions for maximum efficiency

CT Portal
A single gateway for you to access all elements of your travel programme. CT Portal enables you to manage traveller profiles and houses key information, and can be customised to your needs to include mobile apps, Online Booking Tools and your travel policies.
Online booking tools
Our range of intuitive online booking tools access the best rates and fares online and capture all your spending for easy reconciliation, blending seamlessly with our offline support.
Unique blended booking solution
Corporate Traveller believe in using technology where this make sense, plus around the clock access to a real person . Whether a booking starts online or offline, users can confirm, amend and cancel either through the application or by contacting their dedicated travel expert.
Technology experts
Behind the scenes we have teams dedicated to ensuring our systems and infrastructure are not only robust but continually developed.

While you travel

Mobile app
Download our app to access your itinerary, check in online, see flight delay and boarding notifications, and view destination guides and weather for a seamless travel experience.
Traveller safety
Our traveller tracking capabilities ensure we can quickly and easily locate your travellers. Combined with our real time alerts, we can notify you of disruptions and provide personal support to reschedule travel plans when the unexpected occurs.