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How CT can help you travel with the world in mind

The ability to hop on a plane and reach Edinburgh, New York or Tokyo in a matter of hours is something many of us take for granted, but aviation emissions contribute to climate change, and scientists say we need to do more to tackle the problem. While the greenest thing to do would be not to fly at all, this isn’t always possible – especially when it comes to business...

We know that often contracts need to be signed in person, clients need to be met face-to-face, and sometimes, the only way to familiarise yourself with a new market is to explore the area yourself.

There are ways in which we can still travel while reducing our impact on the environment, however. 

Corporate Traveller has produced a series of white papers which include expert tips on how to reduce your company's carbon footprint, while still being able to travel for business. Download them now, then contact us to find out more about carbon offsetting schemes.



Read our brochure on carbon offsetting

carbon offsetting brochure

How does carbon offsetting work with Corporate Traveller

How we offset our carbon emissions

Virgin Atlantic Delta Airlines | Reducing our carbon footprint

Corporate Traveller is proud to be working closely with Virgin Atlantic and Delta Airlines on shared initiativesto benefit SME clients. Collectively we've been working on reducing our impact on the environment to create a more sustainable, responsible way to travel for business.

White papers from Corporate Traveller

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