Corporate Traveller

Multi Packaging Solutions (MPS) Case Study

Multi Packaging Solutions (MPS) are a leading global packaging manufacturer for the consumer and healthcare markets and have multiple sites across the UK.

MPS have partnered with Corporate Traveller since 2008 with a travel profile made up of long-haul destinations including the USA and China as well as considerable European and Domestic travel.


MPS have 18 sites booking travel across the UK and their challenges ensuring company wide compliance with their travel policy, a clear view of their overall travel spend, and ensuring employees were as productive as possible when booking travel.


Combining the expertise of our people, our unique product range, and bespoke travel technology, Corporate Traveller provided simple yet extremely effective solutions for MPS.

Corporate Traveller has taken the time to understand and enforce the MPS travel policy across all their locations, providing exception reporting to highlight when a traveller has gone outside policy and why.

Corporate Traveller have also increased productivity for PA’s and travel bookers by saving them valuable time researching travel options themselves.  The implementation of a bespoke online booking tool means that simple air, hotel and rail bookings can be made quickly online, with bookers utilising the expertise of their dedicated Account Manager for more complex itineraries.  And regardless of whether the booking starts online or offline MPS are able to contact a Corporate Traveller expert with access to all their details 24 hours a day.

Corporate Traveller have helped MPS track their spend via regular, detailed management information, which has been crucial to provide clear visibility on expenditure across all locations, given them greater control of the travel budget, and the ability to drill down by location to identify any areas that require particular focus.  Using the data, MPS’ dedicated business intelligence expert can take a proactive approach to highlight opportunities for increased savings and added value to the travel budget and present these at regular business review meetings

Client testimonial

Corporate Traveller knows our policy and what our expectations are when it comes to travel.  If anyone goes outside of the policy then they contact me to let me know. Corporate Traveller are my eyes and ears - its brilliant. Jan Chorley // EA to Senior Management // Multi Packaging Solutions


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