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Going the extra mile with Airline Reward Schemes

Most airlines will have some sort of reward scheme in place where travellers can earn bonus miles; sign up points or receive a discount when using their corporate rewards. With so many programmes on offer, it can be confusing. In addition, a number of airlines operate Company Reward Schemes for the benefit of the business entity.

Adding to the opportunity to earn rewards, in 2015 Corporate Traveller launched SmartFly which entitles customers to further rewards, exclusively available to our clients. Here, we illustrate the benefits of booking these unique SmartFly fares. 

Virgin Atlantic - Premium Economy

When you book a SmartFLY airfare with Corporate Traveller, customers who choose Virgin Atlantic will receive the following additional benefits on their Virgin Flying Club account:

CT SmartFly Reward = 1000 miles per sector + 1 tier point per booking

Before we set out an example of how this plays out, it’s important to understand the difference between ‘Miles’ and ‘Tier Points’.

Miles – these are accrued and are the currency of the account which can be used for things like buying tickets and upgrades. These are measured by taking the distance travelled of your customer’s journey. Tier points – this measures the activity of a customer over a 12 month period, the more tier points accrued in a year the higher the status. For Virgin, it looks like the below:

Tier points required         Status

0                                               Red
15                                             Silver
40                                             Gold

The graphic above right represents a comparison of rewards based on a customer who makes six trips a year to NYC in Premium Economy using the lowest bookings classes, K & H. 

Regular travellers to NYC who therefore booking SmartFLY in the lowest Premium Economy fares will receive an additional 12,000 miles per year and will make Gold status with just 6 return journeys. The additional points can be used on buying new flights and/or upgrades whilst the Gold status will mean that the following year your customer will earn 100% more miles than when they started at the Red entry level.

As you can see, as well as the many other benefits to businesses and for travellers of booking with Corporate Traveller, your value is amplified when you choose SmartFly airfares. This can either be through a higher number of loyalty points which can be used for future flights or a faster route to greater frequent flyer status.

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