Corporate Traveller

Gatwick Corporate Traveller Networking event

The first networking event hosted by Gatwick Corporate Traveller took place at Kurobuta in Chelsea and was a collaboration of leaders who shared the same values of persistence, pioneering in their significant industry and most of all passion about their product.  It was a fantastic collaboration of like-minded, hard-working people, who can also have fun on a school night! The nightly was mostly attended by PA’s, EA’s and CEO of start-ups members of the energetic KAnetworkUK

We had the privilege to listen to our guest speakers Amanda Thomson and Scott Hallsworth about their journeys from the very beginning to where they currently are today.  They both spoke of the love of what they do and provided much inspiration to the audience.

Amanda Thomson is founder and CEO of Thomson & Scott, a portfolio of Champagne and Prosecco for the next generation of wine lovers who want to drink top quality sparkling wine and reduce the levels of added sugar in their bottle. Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco, which recently joined Amanda’s portfolio perfectly fits her core principle: if you grow beautiful, pure fruit in the vineyards and work carefully and respectfully in the winery, there is no need to add lots of sugar to your finished wine.  "My mission is to be completely open about what we're drinking and cut sugar where it's not needed. We're not counting calories, but we share them for transparency. My mission is for us to ask why we can't drink better and cleaner.  I've developed my own range of top quality sparkling wines to answer this question." 

Scott Hallsworth is the founder and CEO of Kurobuta which was our beautiful event venue. Kurobuta takes its inspiration from the Izakayas of Japan, where tapas-style plates are served to accompany drinks in a casual setting. Originally a pop up, Kurobuta has been such a hit with diners who fell for the unique chilled out ambience and exceptional Japanese food, it’s now a permanent fixture in London’s Marble Arch and Chelsea’s Kings Road.  Scott held the position of Head Chef at Nobu on Park Lane, taking the restaurant to Michelin star rating and subsequently decided to take his menu to the mid-level market to make it more approachable and affordable to the public.

Cathay Pacific also attended to promote their new flights from Gatwick to Hong Kong – which was a fantastic collaboration alongside the Corporate Traveller Gatwick Office. 

The night’s networking theme resonated with Corporate Traveller as we are very much a “people company” and are passionate about delivering exceptional travel experience to all our clients!  Our purpose “to open up the world for those who want to see” provided us with an opportunity to introduce Corporate Traveller, Thomson & Scott, Kurobuta and Cathay Pacific to an audience who were happy to listen to new insights and share new experiences. Corporate Traveller are passionate about travel and forming partnerships with businesses to help them achieve their objectives, whilst delivering a personal, knowledgeable, dedicated account management service.

The result was a fantastic night of drinking Amanda’s Skinny Prosecco, eating Scott’s delicious canapes, listening to such inspirational speakers and having the opportunity to meet like-minded people and make new connections!  KANetworkUk kindly organised fabulous goody bags for each of the guests and arranged many prizes which included afternoon tea at Hotel Du Vin and Warren House, Molton Brown/Ritual Gifts whilst Corporate Traveller donated 2 Eurostar tickets to Paris.