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There are a wide variety of hotel rates & airfares available through a travel management company and online, but how do you know which of the available rates suit you best?

There's a plethora of hotel rates and airfares available both online and through a travel management company - but how do you know which of the available rates is best for you and your company?

Corporate Traveller obtains its fares from a wide variety of sources, negotiating to improve what’s on offer and adding on unique exclusives, before delivering it in a way that’s convenient to you. Our dedicated travel experts will show you how to utilise our offering so you can run an effective travel programme.

Fare sourcing

Fare sourcing

To ensure we’re offering the widest array of rates for our clients, we have multiple different channels. These include public rates available to anyone through an airline website, rates negotiated especially for agents, deals offered through third parties such as Expedia or Booking.com, and using our foreign contracts to source overseas rates.

New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) will provide even more avenues to source rates and fares in the future, too.




Negotiating rates and fares

Even with such a wide variety of fares available, sometimes there still isn't that perfect option that's right for clients with specific needs. Often SME businesses aren’t able to plan ahead like individuals in a retail market, or pay for expensive last minute tickets like multinational corporations.

Travel management companies like Corporate Traveller are able to negotiate specialist SME fares with lower change and cancellation fees, later booking and lower costs than fares directly available with airlines, offering greater flexibility and savings.



Adding value

Adding value

When you’re actually travelling for business you’re rarely interested in how late a ticket can be changed or whether you’ll be able to claim a full refund. But those little things that make your journey easier do count. 

Our TRAVELsmart range offers a host of benefits across multiple carriers and hotels, including cabin and room upgrades, lounge passes, late check out and free breakfast, offering a little extra comfort to make your trip more enjoyable.




How we distribute our rates and fares

TMCs offer many different avenues through which to book your travel – on the phone, through a online portal or booking tool, or face-to-face with a consultant. While this mostly comes down preference, there are a host of benefits to booking via each avenue, such as the ability to book complex itineraries over the phone or the ease of booking on the go through travel apps.



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Long gone are the days when the only way to reserve a seat on a plane was either at an airport check-in desk or via a high street travel agent. Both leisure and business travellers now have a plethora of options available when it comes to booking flights; and with new options comes the benefit of more choice and competitive pricing.


With TRAVELsmart, the long-standing relationship we’ve built with airlines and hotels means we have the ability to include extras in our rates. These add-ons will enhance your business travellers' experience, improving their comfort and increasing their productivity while travelling for work.

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