Aegean Airlines puts customers first with new products and services

Short and medium-haul business travel can sometimes be an all too functional affair. You get to where you need to go, but you find the journey itself forgettable. Aegean Airlines aims to be different. It wants every flight to be memorable for all the right reasons. Read on to find out how it does this...

Aegean Airlines aims to be different. It wants every flight to be memorable for all the right reasons. Of course, Aegean’s competitive prices, great service and premium quality mean you get exceptional value every time. But Aegean knows the modern business traveller demands more. That’s why it’s introducing a new range of products and services, built to make business travel more comfortable, productive and straightforward.

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect next time you fly with Aegean:


An Enhanced Economy Class experience

Economy Class usually just means getting the most basic service at the cheapest price possible. Not at Aegean. Its Enhanced Economy Class offers impeccable service, stunning food, refreshing beverages and on-board entertainment within the great price of your ticket.

With Aegean Airlines you’ll arrive relaxed, refreshed, and ready for business.

Entertainment to suit you

With the innovative new Aegean Stream service, you’ll experience a wealth of digital entertainment and information from the comfort of your seat.

Access through your smartphone or tablet on-board, and you’ll instantly be able to download movies, music and much more. A world of “info-tainment” is at your fingertips.

An experienced airline, a youthful fleet

There’s something disheartening about stepping onto an aircraft that is past its prime and showing its age. You won’t get that feeling with Aegean. It has one of the youngest aircraft fleets in Europe.

So, you’re guaranteed luxury and that “new plane smell” on every flight with us. 

Business Class that’s the business

Aegean’s Business Class service has been refined to offer customers the very best flight experience from start to finish. Think restaurant-standard food and wine curated by top chefs and sommeliers. There’s newly renovated airport lounges to make your pre-flight as relaxing as possible, and priority baggage pick-up, because time is money.

These are just some of the reasons to choose Business Class from Aegean Airlines. It’s the perfect way for the modern business traveller to fly.


Let’s face it, airline food has never been something to write home about. Aegean is changing that with its new Business Class cuisine, providing the finest Greek food and drink.

It’s worked with leading chefs and wine specialists to put together a menu that is both mouthwatering and an authentic taste of Greece.

Award-winning service

Aegean prides itself on delivering a service that is second to none. This dedication to doing things right has led to being voted Best Regional Airline in Europe a record nine times by Skytrax.

And if that wasn’t impressive enough, in 2018 Aegean also won Best Cabin Crew in Southern Europe. 

Personalise your experience

Every traveller’s requirements are different. That’s why Aegean gives customers a full range of services to select from, letting them choose their level of indulgence. 

Whether you need to get to that meeting feeling refreshed, or you want to use your flight as a chance for some rest and recuperation – Aegean can give you the options to make your trip totally personal to you.

Alongside all these benefits it has innovative Air-Fi inflight entertainment, and Star Alliance membership to make sure you get the very best service across the globe. And did we mention, Aegean is listed in Skytrax’s top 40 airlines in the world?


Wherever you choose to fly, choose Aegean Airlines as the flight partner to get you there.

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