Will your travel bookings be subject to surcharge?

British Airways surcharge

Starting today 1st November, British Airways and sister carrier, Iberia are introducing a surcharge on bookings made via the traditional Global Distribution System (GDS) channels used by travel management companies.

The surcharge is £8 per one way fare component, so a typical trip would comprise two components and therefore attract a £16 charge.

Corporate Traveller UK is pleased to say we’ve reached an agreement with British Airways and Iberia whereby our clients in the UK and most of Europe are currently exempt from this surcharge for both offline and online bookings, and will not pay the £8 surcharge at this time.

Check with your TMC to understand how the surcharge will affect your bookings.

Alternatively, for advice on the surcharge or any other aspect of your travel programme, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation below.

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