On The Road: Business travel tips from creative leaders

If you’re working creative industry, regular travel is often simply a part of life. Travelling for business – and doing it well - is a skill that's elusive for many, so we went all the way to Australia, to speak to some creatives who are used to travelling extra-long distances.

Paul Cutter, cinematographer

What's your top tip for packing professional equipment & carrying excess baggage?

I think most cameramen and photographers are quite particular about how they look after and pack their gear. But I did learn a good tip from a professional ice skater who was on tour with Disney on Ice some years ago who was a big fan of the rolling method. It seems to keep my clothes in order rather than just thrown in all over the place. It works for me.

Kat Elizabeth, actor and singer

You have to move frequently for work – what's your top tip for a painless relocation?

I used to have to put so much in storage or pay for a removalist if I was moving long-term which is way too much effort and costs a lot. This year I've been working on downsizing so I have more of a 'capsule lifestyle' – meaning I live with the basics no matter where I am.

Harley Durst, stuntman

How do you avoid common work travel pitfalls?

When on a touring show, take advantage of introductory offers from yoga studios and gyms. My favourite is Bikram Yoga because they will usually give you a week of use for the cost of a single session. My most important rule when travelling for work is to take the family wherever possible, whether it is for a week or a few months. It's always worth keeping the family together.

Jody Lee Harris, actor

How do you avoid jetlag and fatigue whilst travelling for so long?

Stay hydrated and get enough sleep. Drink plenty of water before a shoot, on set and before bed. Making sure you get enough sleep not only keeps you feeling fresh and looking your best, but it will keep your memory sharp for delivering your lines. 

Adrian Thomas, musician

What are your top tips as a muso frequently on the road?

Pack light. Boots for gigs, runners for hiking and flip-flops for everything else. Always bring a warm jumper regardless of the weather, as some places can be over 30 during the day and drop way down at night. Always have spare strings for your guitar and plenty of water. 

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