Using technology to simplify travel booking

If you’re a PA looking for advice and guidance on business travel management, then look no further. Corporate Traveller offers one simple platform, YOUR.CT, a single access point that will help you create a seamless travel programme, while providing you with a customised dashboard for all your technology needs.

As a travel booker, you’ll have access to three different functions, which work together to provide easier management of all your travel bookings, removing hassle and saving you time and money as well.

1. Snapshot reporting

YOUR.CT provides seven reports showing you not only what you spend, but where you spend it, as well as listing your top travellers, their top destinations and how far in advance they are booking. You can also view your latest invoice data, allowing you to easily spot your key spend areas, identifying where savings can be made.

2. Traveller profiles

Chasing your travellers for their travel details and their managers for approval can be a lengthy process. But, with YOUR.CT, you can streamline this, creating and managing your traveller profiles by adding their:

  • passport details
  • frequent flyer numbers
  • dietary preference
  • hotel preferences
  • preferred seat allocation

This saves you from requesting the same information time and time again. Furthermore, with YOUR.CT’s integrated approval system, all trips complying with your travel policy will be authorised automatically, which can be another time-saver.

3. Traveller tracking

To support your Duty of Care obligations, it’s essential to keep your employees safe when they travel. We’re not just talking about security risks, but also flight delays, sickness or passport loss.

You can manage these risks using YOUR.CT’s live traveller tracking function. This allows you to see where your travellers are in real time, so that in the event that things don’t go according to plan, you’ll always know exactly where to find them. You’ll also receive traveller alerts, keeping you and your travellers up to date with local disruptions and showing specific risks in their forthcoming destinations, allowing you to plan ahead for the future too.


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