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Audio Engineering


AudioBoom specialise in hosting, distributing and monetising spoken word audio content. The company works with around 4,000 podcasters, broadcasters and advertisers, including the BBC, Associated Press, NBC Sports and Yahoo! to create the right match between content creator and advertiser. One such example is the Totally Football Show, which is aimed primarily at males and is therefore used to advertise products such as Gillette or Dollar Shave Club.

A former startup company, AudioBoom has evolved into a tech company trying to respond to new leads as quickly as possible. There are also plans in the pipeline for AudioBoom to expand into merchandising for podcasters.

AudioBoom’s travel profile

AudioBoom is based in London but has offices in New York, Melbourne and Mumbai. AudioBoom’s travel requirements frequently takes their staff back and forth across the Atlantic, to the USA and Canada, and often at the last minute, with their CEO spending a lot of time in the USA as well.

Relationship with Corporate Traveller | Production, sports and creative

When searching for a travel management company, AudioBoom were drawn to Corporate Traveller | Production, sports and creative due to our position as part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, which gives us access to specialist entertainment airfares, discounted or free excess baggage. Corporate Traveller’s specialism in working with the creative industries was also a plus point, because AudioBoom recognised that we have the experience to meet their unique and sometimes complex travel needs. Alexandra MacLeod – who books AudioBoom’s travel - says that without Corporate Traveller she wouldn’t have known where to start – or even where to go for quotes.

How Corporate Traveller helps

AudioBoom’s Account Manager is Abi, who Alexandra describes as “amazing and unflappable, even when we call her with many itinerary changes”. She always looks for the best options for AudioBoom’s travellers, giving Alex full confidence in her ability. “I’m the one flapping; she isn’t. Changes always seem to happen late on a Friday afternoon and yet she will still help out”.

How Corporate Traveller have overcome challenges

Corporate Traveller's emergency assistance service has been particularly useful for AudioBoom, especially when one of their travellers had a family emergency just after landing in New York, and needed to return home immediately. Just 20 minutes after landing he was booked on the next flight by Lauren from the out of hours team, despite it being 3am in the UK at the time. Corporate Traveller were there when AudioBoom needed them.

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