Case Study: Bennett Aviation

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Case Study – moving from an unmanaged programme to becoming a client of Corporate Traveller.

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About Bennett Aviation

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Bennett Aviation provides quality assurance production inspection services at the world’s major aircraft manufacturing facilities.

What was the challenge?

Carole McCann, the main travel booker and facilitator is based in the UK. Before using Corporate Traveller, she made bookings herself online which she found time consuming.

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The solution

Corporate Traveller was appointed by Bennett Aviation in August 2018 to handle the client’s business travel programme. Implementation was straightforward as the client didn’t require any technology solutions as servicing is handled personally offline by a dedicated Travel Consultant at Corporate Traveller’s Birmingham office. All travellers email requests to the dedicated Expert Travel Consultant, copying in Carole so that she can keep an overview of bookings.


The advantages to Bennett Aviation of having their programme now being managed by Corporate Traveller not only include considerable time saving for the booker, but also expertise in route sourcing and Corporate Traveller’s ability to hold scheduled flights while travellers confirm their arrangements. In addition, Carole has peace of mind that her travellers have access to Corporate Traveller’s emergency assist 24/7 after the booking has been completed – previously she had to handle all follow up support out of hours herself.

Client testimonial

“Corporate Traveller has filled a vital niche for Bennett Aviation by providing professional support, 24/7 which has delivered excellent service for the Bennett Aviation inspectors, allowing Bennett Aviation to meet our clients’ expectations and therefore to grow our business. Recently, a booking we made for an inspector had to be amended at the last minute, previously this would have been my responsibility, I always found this cumbersome and daunting errors where costly. However, I simply provided our regular Corporate Traveller Travel Consultant Josie with the contact details of the replacement inspector. Within the hour the new inspector's profile had been 'on boarded' and the new flight ticket issued, as well as confirmation that the tax refund for the unusable flight ticket had been requested …This situation demonstrated why 'it works' with Corporate Traveller.”

Carole McCann, Bennett Aviation

“Bennett Aviation continues to grow its customer base and we are very satisfied with the service that Corporate Traveller has provided. We will continue to use Corporate Traveller to provide support for our growth plans.”

Terry Bennett, CEO of Bennett Aviation

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