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About Blast!

Blast! Films is an award-winning film and TV production agency which works on a wide variety of pictures; from hard-hitting films to popular documentary series. The thing that ties all of Blast! Film's work together is the fact that they all tell a poignant story.

What was the challenge?

Similar to a lot of production companies, Blast has very complex travel requirements, which include frequent changes, last-minute bookings, excess baggage and budget management.

The locations for Blast productions are rarely in the same place because of the diverse range of topics covered by the company. Some film shoots require many people to travel at once, while others could require only one or two.

Production: “Flying to the Ends of the Earth”

"Some of the planet's most extraordinary and spectacular experiences are only accessible by air. In this epic new series, pilot and former Royal Marine Arthur Williams will fly us into some of the remotest parts of our planet to find out how people survive and thrive in places only planes can reach. Arthur was paralysed in an accident seven years ago but took up flying to rediscover his spirit of adventure. Now he's going to brave tiny airstrips and outrageously dangerous flying conditions, all to reach the world's most spectacular remote places."

This introduction to the show clearly announced that this was no ordinary series. The production featured some extremely complex logistical requirements, especially when disaster struck in Siberia and the crew were severely affected by a helicopter crash during the shoot.  

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The solution

After confirming that everyone was safe and without injury, the focus turned to how to assist the crew who were stranded in the middle of Siberia with no supplies, shaken up and wanting to return home.

Houida from Corporate Traveller Production, Sports and Creative jumped straight into action and arranged to get all of the affected crew out of Siberia on last-minute bookings.

With the documentary still needing to be filmed, arrangements had to be made to bring in a different crew, and the process of booking the trip started again. Due to the circumstances, crucial budget concerns had to be considered. Houida worked closely with the production team to keep costs in check and sourced options, often not knowing the names of the travellers until the last minute.


The production completed successfully. The show aired and was hugely successful thanks to the hard-working team at Blast and the assistance of our incredibly talented expert, Houida Ayari.

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