Case study: Frontier Rare Earths

About Frontier Rare Earths

Frontier Rare Earths is a rare earth mining company which mines for the various components used in laptops, iphones and more recently electronic cars. Frontier has offices based in Dublin, Cape Town, Luxembourg and London.

Working closely with Serena Swaine, (Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and the Chairman), Corporate Traveller arranges travel for the Senior Management of the company. Key travel destinations are Cape Town, Uganda, Canada, New Yorkand China for objectives that include site visits,conferences and important business meetings. On average at least one of the three travellers is away on a business trip every single week. As a result, having a dedicated, personal Account Manager is essential when making arrangements for travel vital to the success of their business.

Dedicated Personal Service

Due to the fast-paced and competitive nature of the mining industry, the travellers are under constant pressure to remain at the forefront in the marketplace. As a result, their travel arrangements can involve a considerable number of changes, often at a moment’s notice. Serena explains that Paul, her dedicated Corporate Traveller Account Manager is always on hand to answer the phone and deal with these requests during her busy day: “When I call Paul he makes me feel like he drops everything for me… once I have spoken to him I know it is being taken care of, that it is ticked of my list. This frees up my time so I can get on with the many different things I need to do here and ensure nothing else slacks in the office. To know that I can get this part of my job done well is perfect for me.”

Bring An Expert on Board

As frequent flyers, the travellers often have specific requests when travelling; certain times, certain airlines and certain seats. This is so they remain as productive as possible with their time as well as to ensure that they have the most amount of time at home with their family.

Serena describes how Paul has become an expert on what is important to each of the travellers: “It has got to the stage where I don’t even need to tell Paul what I want, even to the finest detail of the specific seat request for a particular flight, I don’t even need to think anymore, he just knows.” This attention to detail and the time it saves her is what Serena particularly values as she juggles many tasks throughout the day: “I have complete confidence in Paul, I never need to double check as I know that all the information is there and correct.”

Paul Says:

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Serena and we have developed a great relationship over the three years we have worked together. Over that time I have gotten to know how she works as well as each of the travellers’ preferences, ensuring they are adhered to when making any reservations.”