Case study: Holovis

About Holovis

Holovis is an experience designer who uses emerging technologies including Virtual and Augmented Reality, interactivity and multisensory platforms to engage audiences, take them on transformative journeys and deliver powerful messaging for attractions, enterprise, simulation and brand communications.

In the beginning

Before Corporate Traveller came on board, Holovis was arranging their business trips through another travel provider. However, due to the poor service received, Holovis’s inhouse travel booker often resorted to booking travel themselves via the internet, taking up a lot of her time.

As Holovis grew, more and more travel was necessary, especially to the Middle East and China, and often at the last minute, so Holovis’s in-house travel booker could no longer manage the high volume and complexity of bookings. Saving the day, Holovis’ Head of Finance Jane Hetherington, following a recommendation from a business connection, suggested contacting Corporate Traveller, and the company was introduced to dedicated Account Manager Francesca. The rest, as they say, is history.

Meeting travel needs

Holovis’s travel profile is a varied one, with staff travelling all over the world, often on complicated, multi-stop itineraries or in groups of up to seven colleagues. With offices in London, Shanghai, Orlando and Lutterworth, Holovis’s engineers, designers, developers, sales and marketing staff can often be stationed abroad for many months, requiring them to fly back and forth frequently to visit their families and to attend meetings in other offices. Recent projects, including an immersive storytelling attraction which seamlessly merges the physical world with the virtual at Bollywood Parks™ Dubai, as well as the multisensory rollercoaster Mystic Timbers at Cedar Fair’s Kings Island in Ohio have further increased the volume of and complexity of travel required by Holovis’s staff.

Francesca works together with new travel booker Ada to manage travel for all of Holovis’s staff and senior management. They deal with 20 travellers travelling at least twice a month, plus 20 full time staff based in Orlando. Francesca books, manages and reviews travel on Holovis’s behalf, often staying late to make last minute changes, all the while saving money for the business and time for Ada.

Overcoming challenges

With the number of staff at Holovis having grown from 30 to 110 in the last four years, these are exciting times for the company. But this exponential growth brings extra challenges to its travel requirements. Ada needs to ensure the company sticks to its travel budget, which can be a tall order with so many last minute flight bookings. Luckily, Francesca and Peter at Corporate Traveller are on hand to keep track of the spend on Ada’s behalf, and they produce regular reports.

How corporate traveller helps

With so many last minute requests, Corporate Traveller takes the stress away from Ada and saves her time too. Although Corporate Traveller provides an online booking tool to allow Ada to see the options and to book if she likes, she prefers to book with Francesca. Each time Ada requests a booking, Francesca sends over three options, even when it’s last-minute. Knowing the importance of the personal touch, Francesca often stays late to sort out problems, and even put her mobile on standby during Hurricane Irma.

Behind the scenes, Francesca works tirelessly to negotiate discounts and corporate flexible rates at Holovis’s regular hotels, and has saved the company £54,000 in better value hotel rates, flight amendment fee waivers and upgrades in the last 12 months. For a company that frequently has to make last-minute changes, this is very good news. Ada had the following to say of Francesca: “Francesca has been a great support to Holovis.

As we have been working together for over 2 years, Francesca has been our main contact for travel requests. Managing our accounts for so long she has been able to learn the needs and preferences of our regular travellers which makes our communication quite easy. Francesca has been quite pro-active in analysing our regular travels and speak to hotel managers so thanks to her, Holovis has benefited of some great savings by getting corporate rates in a few hotels.”

Beccy Atkin another Holovis travel booker says:

“Our relationship with Francesca and the support from the rest of her team means that we always receive a quick, friendly and professional service. The out of hours support is essential for our staff who could be anywhere in the world and travelling any time of day or night, including weekends.”