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About Icon Films

With headquarters in Bristol and an office in London, Icon Films is a growing independent production company that is regularly recognised for its creativity and exceptional talents. They deliver high-end factual content for the UK and international market, including Animal Planet’s River Monsters and National Geographic’s Savage Kingdom. In the past five years, Icon Films has filmed in over 52 countries and have championed bringing logistically challenging productions to the screen with their distinctive brand.

What was the challenge?

As a production company that films in many varied destinations, Icon Films books numerous international flights each year. As is the nature of their business, the crew travel with a lot of specialist gear and require excess luggage on almost every trip. One of the critical challenges Icon Films encounters is managing the costs associated with excess baggage and facilitating the logistics of it on these international flights with minimal hassle.

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The solution

Abi Seabourne is an Expert Travel Consultant at Corporate Traveller Production, Sports and Creative. Abi manages Icon Films travel. It is her responsibility to ensure that both the crew and their vast amount of luggage arrives on schedule. 

Speaking with Sara Hill, Production Co-ordinator at Icon Films, she shares how Abi helps the crew. “Abi always advises us of the best carrier to fly with for excess rates and helps us calculate the baggage costs and pre-books the baggage where possible. We travel with anything from 10 to 23 pieces of excess baggage.” Abi primarily arranges Icon Films’ international flights as they usually work with "fixers" in-country while on a shoot to facilitate their internal ground travel and logistics. There have been times, however, where Abi advises on other travel elements such as car hire for a recent shoot in the USA.

When filming River Monsters for Animal Planet, Icon Films had particularly complex baggage calculations and allowances to manage with Malaysian Airlines. The volume of the baggage and specialist nature of the equipment meant that delicate customer services negotiations were undertaken with Air China for both their international and internal flights. Corporate Traveller Production, Sports and Creative ensured that the weight restrictions were confirmed and that battery regulations were complied with, resulting in smooth transport of all the equipment.


Sara talks about how Corporate Traveller Production, Sports and Creative has made her workload easier. “We also use the out-of-hours service on occasion when the shoot wraps early or flights have been cancelled.”

It is clear Abi and the team at Corporate Traveller Production, Sports and Creative are valued by Icon Films.

Client testimonial

“Corporate Traveller Production, Sports and Creative really help to take the sting out of complex travel planning and logistics. It's the peace of mind knowing that they help to get the best deals for us and are there to assist 24-hours a day if flights are cancelled or need to be changed. Always a friendly voice on the other end of the phone!”

Sara Hill, Production Co-ordinator

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