Case Study: International Beverage Holdings Ltd

Industry sector

Drinks Producer, Seller and Marketer


Founded in 2003, International Beverage Holdings Ltd. is a drinks producer, seller and marketer. The company works with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including beers, spirits, whiskies and wines, mainly in Hong Kong but also globally. International Beverage Holdings Ltd. is based in Hong Kong with subsidiaries in China and the United Kingdom, and has a network of offices across Asia, Europe and North America.

International Beverage Holdings Ltd.’s travel profile

International Beverage Holdings Ltd. has around 40 regular travellers, many of whom often travel to London, as well as some who regularly fly all over the world, to places such as Europe, South Africa, the USA and Asia.

Relationship with Corporate Traveller

In order to better manage their travel spend and simplify their booking process while maintaining a great attention to detail, International Beverage Holdings Ltd. switched travel management companies to Corporate Traveller in July 2017.

How Corporate Traveller assists

International Beverage Holdings Ltd. appreciate the fact that Corporate Traveller are always more than happy to help with not only transport but hotels, trains and visa requirements. Staff travel plans can often change at last minute and some of their itineraries are fairly complex, but International Beverage Holdings Ltd. say they have never come across an bring an expert on board issue with that Corporate Traveller has not been able to help with. Some of International Beverage Holdings Ltd.’s employees have dealt with the out of hours service in Australia for lastminute flight changes, and found that the team can’t do enough to help. Any changes that happen out of hours are also picked up straight away from the Corporate Traveller team the following morning. Furthermore, Corporate Traveller are able to secure specialist rates and discount airfares, saving International Beverage Holdings Ltd. 5% on their travel spend in the first six months, and an impressive £38,918 in total since they came on board with us.

How Corporate Traveller have overcome challenges

Allison Sharp, Brand Event Coordinator for International Beverage Holdings Ltd. says, “Corporate Traveller have helped when flight connections have been missed, made changes to hotel reservations many, many times and have even helped us claim back money for long flight delays our employees have faced. We also have the security of being able to see where our travellers are in real time through the online proteCT service, plus we are able to track individual spends and identify ways to save money through the monthly reports and quarterly reviews provided by the Corporate Traveller team.” Corporate Traveller are constantly in touch with International Beverage Holdings Ltd. to make sure they are happy with our service and to ensure they are doing everything they can to make travel arrangements as easy as possible. Allison adds, “We would highly recommend Corporate Traveller as a corporate travel agency.”

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