It's a new has business travel evolved?


The big questions about business travel - and where to find the answers

During this pandemic, we’ve spent a lot of time searching.

Searching for things to do, for inventive ways to stay connected and most importantly for answers. Like, how to make the best banana bread, or what show to binge next on Netflix. And the big one, when will it be safe to travel again?

Business travel came to a standstill last March, but we know it will restart again – better than ever before. Why’s that? Because frankly, we’ve all had A LOT of time on our hands. And with time comes great innovations for the corporate travel world. Need some proof? Let us show you how. Here are some of our answers to your pressing business travel questions and ways that corporate travel has changed.

Safety first

Thanks to COVID-19, airlines, hotels and airports are cleaner than ever before. It would be nice if it hadn’t taken a global pandemic for them to get their act together, but we are very impressed nonetheless with the efforts they have all put in.

Is it safe to fly?

When it comes to taking to the skies, you can put your mind at ease knowing that  all major airlines are putting their best foot forward to get people in the skies safely. Programmes include Virgin Atlantic’s You’re In Safe Hands, United’s CleanPlus, Etihad’s Wellness, Emirates’ safety precautions and Singapore Airlines’ SIACares. We’ve collated what global airlines are doing in the FCTG Travel Hub.

How clean are hotels?

When you lay your head to rest after a busy day, the last thing you want to think about is “Is my hotel room clean?” That’s why hotels have gone above and beyond to make sure there are no boogie monsters under the bed or dust bunnies either. These hotel programmes include: Accor’s All Safe and Well, IHG’s Clean Promise, Marriott’s Commitment to Clean and Hilton CleanStay. We’ve collated what hotel chains around the world are doing in the FCTG Travel Hub.

Earlier this year we visit St Pancras Renaissance London St Pancras to experience what post-COVID travel looks like. Watch the video and an interview with Marriott’s Fiona Lee here.

Constant communication

Gone are the days of leaving things to chance and arriving at the airport just before the gate closes. The travellers of tomorrow will need to know it all before a trip, making pre-trip communication a must.

What do our travellers need to know before a trip?

The better question would be what travellers don’t need to know… the list really is pretty long, but we’ve prioritised some of the really important stuff.

Before a trip some things you’ll need to know are:

  • Entry requirements to a country – these days, chances are a COVID-19 test is a must.
  • What is required at the airport and in-flight?
  • Things to know in destination.

The list goes on… our travel experts are constantly doing their homework to keep up to speed, so that you don’t have to. That’s the value of having our team of experts constantly at your disposal.

From this to that – how travel policies have evolved

If you haven’t updated your travel policy post COVID-19, we strongly encourage you to do so before any travellers get back on the road. Now is the perfect time to spring clean your travel programme.

Pre-COVID, it might have been okay if some bookings slipped through the cracks, but now more than ever booking through a TMC is a must to keep track of travellers.

Now might also be time to update approvals needed for trips, with budgets tight and restrictions even tighter, chances are not everyone will be cleared to travel just yet. Connect with us about your travel policy!

What about budgets?

Each company will be different on how they value travel post COVID-19 and what budget they will allot. You may be travelling more or less. Either way, you’ll want to understand the effect this is having on your bottom line. Bring on the reporting!

Looking for Mary? We’ve spotted her

Your travellers safety is important, which is why a great amount of consideration should be placed on duty of care. You need answers to questions like:

  • Where are my travellers?
  • What travel have they booked?
  • Will someone in destination be able to assist if needed?

Having a strong duty of care programme will answer these questions and more.

The bottom line

Ok, so business travel may have changed a bit. Here at Corporate Traveller, we think these changes will ultimately provide a much-improved business traveller experience. We’re ready to make sure your company is prepared. In this new world of travel, make sure you work with a business that has what you need in this new world and can answer your questions.

Ready to start getting back to business? We will help you adapt to these changes and make sure you are prepared for the road ahead.

We’ve been helping companies manage travel for over 30 years but we’ve also spent the last 24 months investing heavily on our digital experience. We understand that companies want a solution that is service-driven and supported by technology to deliver a frictionless experience. Talk to us about a demo of our new proprietary platform. Coming 2021.

Questions about business travel? We've got the answers.

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