Infographic: Tools to save time booking corporate travel

If you’re responsible for organising and booking business travel at your company, you’ll know first-hand how time consuming the process can be. You’ll spend far too much of your working day booking travel for your employees, requesting their travel preferences and chasing their managers for approval.

But what if we told you that there’s a better way, a way that will not only save you plenty of time and hassle by streamlining the process, but will save your company money, too?

Yes, that’s right, by implementing an online booking tool (OBT), you can streamline your business travel bookings for flights, hotels, car hire, rail and taxis, into one simple, central system, which also lets you create traveller profiles and automate approvals. This not only saves you time and transaction fees, but facilitates travel profile management and adherence to travel policies while also making it easier to obtain travel reports and analyse your booking trends.

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