White Paper: Travel account management savings

We know that cutting costs and making savings – wherever possible – is on every company’s agenda. And of course, every business strives to get the best possible hotel rates when its employees travel. But are you saving as much money as you could? Is there anything you could do to lower rates even further?

Our account managers are experts at consolidating hotel spend through bespoke negotiated hotel rates. On average, this save our clients 15% in the first year of their hotel programme. This allows you to demand more from your travel programme and reduce the overall cost of your corporate travel, without sacrificing quality and comfort and even tailoring the service they provide.

Corporate Traveller's latest white paper, 'Travel account management savings', will help you identify areas where you could make potential savings, and show you how our account managers will demand more from your corporate travel programme.

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White Paper Download: Look after employees when they travel for business


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