Small Business Advice Week 2018

What's going on?

This year for Small Business Advice Week, Corporate Traveller is offering companies tips on how to better manage their business travel, with a series of specialist whitepapers, radio interviews and blog posts.

Business travel white papers

We've cherry-picked a selection of business travel white papers for Small Business Advice Week (3rd - 9th September) to help address the most pressing issues and the hot topics in managed corporate travel. Written by our industry experts, you'll find tips on how to update your travel policy, getting the best airfare rates and much more.

Come back every day during Small Business Advice Week 2018 for a new white paper.

White paper: Business travel and the savings equation

Do you know how to balance your travel spend?

Achieving that perfect solution to your saving equation can vary from business to business, making you think about different factors which can contribute to your spend level.

We have put together a full breakdown of the best tried and tested strategies that will help you achieve the right level of spend on your business travel.




White paper: The best time to review your travel programme

Deciding when to change travel management company can seem like an onerous task for your business, but it doesn’t need to be. Corporate Traveller is here to help companies like yours review their travel programmes, identifying where you could make savings and drive efficiencies further.





White paper: What to include in a simple travel policy

Is your travel policy more complicated than it should be? Travel policies don’t need to be complicated. In fact, keeping them clear and simple avoids any misjudgement on what can and can’t be booked. While policy inclusions will differ from business to business, we’ve put together some useful suggestions to get you started.





White paper: Global hotel tips for SMEs

To help you select great value, quality accommodation for your travellers, we’ve created a mini white paper. It’s packed full of hotels in our top business destinations, includes tips for eating out and even explains business etiquette in those places.






White paper: A simple guide to corporate airline reward schemes

f you travel a lot, then you’ll know about airline reward schemes. These programmes encourage travellers to book again and again with the same airline, collect loyalty points and exchange them for benefits such as discounted fares and free upgrades. But did you also know that in addition to these frequent flyer schemes for individuals, there are also airline reward schemes for companies?




Corporate Traveller on air during Small Business Advice week

Corporate Traveller's General Manager, Andy Hegley, will be discussing business travel management for SMEs - from procedures and processes to costs and employee well-being - in a series of radio interviews during Small Business Advice Week. We'll post details of podcasts and clips of the interviews when we have more info.

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