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Energy industry

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Managing the complex travel requirements of energy companies requires expertise. Whether it’s crew rotations, onshore workers or management, we understand it’s crucial for your people to be on time and safe. With our long-standing experience managing travel for energy companies, we know exactly how to help your organisation - from planning crew rotations and booking onshore/offshore travel through to traveller safety and reporting.

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How we can help your travel programme

Energy industry

Controlling costs

As travel is essential for your crews and personnel, we’ll work with you to find the right balance between controlling travel spend while not affecting the traveller’s experience. With access to competitive offshore, marine and energy fares, as well as our exclusive negotiated fares, you can trust us to find the lowest logical fare with the flexibility and inclusions you need.

Traveller safety

As energy organisations often operate in volatile areas, mitigating travel risks and safeguarding your travellers is critical. To ensure your duty of care responsibilities are being fulfilled, we’ll enhance your pre-trip processes and put a plan in place for quickly and safely responding to anything affecting your people on the go. For your reassurance, we have teams available 24/7 and real-time travel alerts to keep you informed before and during a trip.

Also, with access to our traveller tracking and risk maps, you’ll be able to proactively check up on where your travellers are (or where they’re next planning to be) should you need to get in touch.

Energy industry

Bespoke reporting

The best approach to travel management is data led. We’ll give you a detailed picture of your travel programme by capturing all the data you need (beyond just travel spend) and use it to provide you with valuable pre- and post-trip insight. As more and more of our energy clients are working towards carbon neutral goals, we’ve been facilitating carbon offsetting through reporting. All this data can either be provided by your Account Manager or accessed at your convenience through our dynamic online reporting platform.

Crisis management

We are continuously monitoring global events and have crisis management teams around the world investigating the latest intelligence. In the event of an emergency affecting your crews or personnel (from weather events impacting an individual to large-scale evacuations) we will do all we can to minimise any distress and coordinate quickly getting them to safety

Tailored technology

Sam travel app for business travellers

Online booking tools are great for staff who want to retain control over their bookings. We’re experienced in helping clients embrace online tech as for simple journeys and hotels, it’s a really efficient and cost-effective way of booking.

Our traveller centric mobile app Sam :] engages with travellers from door to door, helping them to prepare for their journey and keeping them updated on the go. Sam :] reduces stress by ensuring travellers know exactly where they need to be, so they get there safely.

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Client Testimonial

“We transitioned to CT after over 10 years with our previous provider. I’d expected to have issues for the first month or so, but the transition was much smoother than I expected and allowed us to continue with travel bookings with ease. Gary and his team have been a great support, and he was very patient with us when we were emailing lots of requests before we built up confidence with the online booking tool. The online booking tool has been a great addition to our travel programme. It allows you to get a quick idea of what’s available when time is of the essence and cuts down on all the back and forth"

Fiona Paterson - Xodus

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