YOUR.CT MOBILE keeps you completely connected at every point in your journey, improving your business travel experience and taking a weight off your mind.

It's important to stay connected when travelling for work and YOUR.CT MOBILE is the perfect app which allows you to both manage and retrieve your trip details at any time in one convenient, easy to access place. Keep in touch and access your travel information, anytime, anywhere. Enjoy essential services such as flight status, directions, weather and currency exchange rates at every step of your trip.

Key functionality

Business Travel App

Flight details

Keep updated and on track with an easy access view all of your past, current and future itineraries. YOUR.CT MOBILE also lets you save your trip itineraries into your personal trip list.

Disruption updates

Receive disruption updates for situation changes which may affect your journey, e.g. flight delays or gate changes

Boarding information

YOUR.CT MOBILE also includes further information such as terminal details, gate information, seat allocation and special meals. 

Check-in notifications

Easily check-in via the airline's website from your mobile device.

Plan ahead

The YOUR.CT MOBILE app includes local weather updates, maps of the city you are in and local restaurants 

Keep track

Track your trips with the ability to export trips to your calendar

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To log into YOUR.CT MOBILE simply enter your work email address and click 'Forgot my password'. You will receive an email inviting you to create a new password.

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