Meet Sam:] - your pocket travel assistant

Meet Sam:] now with Sam:] for Travel Arrangers

Welcome to your 24-hour personal travel assistant, Sam:]

Whether you're on the go or away on a business trip, you can be confident that Sam can handle all your travel needs, from managing bookings and organising taxis, to giving you weather updates and travel alerts. 

As the creators of Sam, we have a wealth of business travel insights, information and expert opinions to share with you, as well as more information on each of Sam's features. You can download Sam today to revolutionise the corporate travel experience for your business...

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Get to know Sam:], your personal travel assistant...

Sam's designed to know what you like...

By organising and sending you up-to-date, practical information based on context, relevance and individual preference, our Sam app will help you enjoy your travel experience, so you can focus purely on your destination (and that all important business meeting).

From pre-trip information, such as letting you know the weather forecast for your destination so you can pack accordingly, to alerting you of a change of departure gate and organising a taxi from the airport on arrival, you’ll find Sam helpful for every aspect of your business trip.

Sam will alert you based on real-time travel information, to ensure you don’t miss your connection. But if you do miss it, don't panic - Sam will help schedule you onto the next best option, all within your company's travel policy.

Sam is always on, so you don’t have to be.


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NEW: Sam:] for Travel Arrangers

Managing the travel plans of one individual can be difficult enough, but co-ordinating travel plans for whole teams of people can be complicated - especially when unforeseen and unexpected issues arise.

Thanks to Sam:] for Travel Arrangers – the latest iteration of Corporate Traveller’s smart assistant for mobile - travel management can be hassle-free. Sam:] for Travel Arrangers takes care of everything from within the app. It can be used to:

Sam:] for Travel Arrangers
  • Show each traveller’s flight plans and automatically alert the travel manager to any substantial delays or cancellations
  • Allow anyone overseeing a traveller to check whether they have remembered to book a hotel room or car transfer if they had promised to do so
  • Remotely book alternative flights, accommodation or transfers and notify the traveller with the confirmations needed [coming soon]
  • Mark specific trips as personal so a traveller can use Sam’s helpful features when on holiday but without any oversight or assistance from their company.

NEW: Sam:] company travel alerts

Sam:] company alerts

What are "company travel alerts" from Sam:]?

  • An update to the travel alerts feature, where critical and warning alerts can be turned on at a company level
  • The alerts can be sent to just affected travellers

Why do we love Sam:] company travel alerts?

  • It can help our clients meet their Duty of Care obligations
  • It allows travellers to be proactive when planning trips
  • It gives travel managers and bookers peace of mind that their travellers will be looked after.

Talk to us to find out more about Sam:] company alerts.

White Paper: Introducing mobile tech into your business travel programme

Smartphones and tablets travel with us everywhere and are an essential part of everyday life.

Whether we’re at work or play, mobile devices hold the key to smoother, simpler, more connected experiences. And with half of the UK population set to be working flexibly by 2020, businesses need mobile apps. The right tools can help companies stay one step ahead, and keep employees engaged and empowered. After all, if people bank, shop, date and organise their free time on their mobiles, it makes sense that they’re fully equipped when it comes to their career, too.

Our latest white paper covers all aspects of business travel mobile technology, from the rise of mobiles to how to implement a mobile strategy. There's also handy advice on how to put your travellers first when it comes to introducing technology into your corporate travel programme.


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