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Travel risk management with CT Secure

If a crisis occurs anywhere in the world, you need to know fast that your travellers are safe. We take that duty of care as seriously as you do, which is why we offer 24/7 access to a host of intelligent travel risk management tools. As a Travel Manager, these tools can be customised to meet the detailed needs of your business travel programme so that when an incident happens, you’re the first to be informed. 
CT Secure

What is CT Secure?

Secure is a comprehensive travel risk management solution offered through Corporate Traveller's online platform YOUR.CT. Secure supports your duty of care obligations to your employees and provides your travellers with confidence that there is a constant focus on their safety and well-being. 

Key features: 
  • Alert impact reporting
  • Risk destination mapping
  • Travel security alerts
  • Country/city security assessment ratings
  • Location sharing

CT Secure features

Alert Impact Reporting

This feature gives an overview of what alerts are currently active and which travellers may be affected.

Location Sharing

Through the compilation of itineraries, Secure is able to inform you of your traveller's whereabouts at all times. When your travellers use the SAM app on trips their location will also be shared using the share my location feature, ensuring their safety and well-being. 

Travel Alert Map

This feature gives a broad overview of which regions around the world are being most affected by travel alerts. You can sort alerts by “Country” to get a brief overview of how many alerts exist in the country that you’re travelling to the most.

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Risk Destination Mapping

The Risk Destination Mapping allows you to get a broad understanding of where your travellers are by region. For example, if a snowstorm is affecting New York City, you might want to get a broad view of how many travellers you have in the wider area.

Country/City Security Assessment ratings

These ratings are meant to help you be proactive in assessing your travel program. For example, if a traveller from Brazil found a cheap fare from Rio to Miami through Caracas in Venezuela, this tool gives you the opportunity to assess that Venezuela is a category 4 risk destination to provide the traveller with feedback on their decision.

CSAR Overall Ratings Assessment Levels

 This page gives you the opportunity to better understand how we categorise each country and the risk involved when travelling there.

COVID-19 Dashboard

In response to client needs during the current pandemic, Corporate Traveller has developed a COVID-19 Dashboard which can be deployed to customers via Secure. Designed to provide accurate and reliable information about the spread of the virus as well as timely departure and arrival reports to assist travel managers locate and communicate with their travellers. The Dashboard has several components:

  • Risk Map outlining the location of confirmed cases worldwide
  • Secure Flash Alert tab provides most up-to-date Critical Alerts issued by WorldAware along with a list of potentially affected travellers
  • Secure's COVID-19 Dashboard is also powered by WorldAware's security and health risk ratings assisting customers to proactively assess the destinations most frequented by their travellers

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