A new kind of screen

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Soon you’ll be craning your neck as you scan one of those big, bold, beautiful airport screens again.

We just want to make sure this little screen gets you there with confidence.

Who would have thought we’d be looking forward to the day we’d be staring at Arrivals and Departures screens at the airport again? What we once took for granted, is now truly the joy of travel once more. To get you there with confidence, we’d like to share our latest paper on why we believe it’s your time to fly.

Like so many of our corporate travellers, you have questions. Should your people even be on the road? How will you know when the time is right? When will it be safe to travel internationally? Is the ideal travel experience a touchless experience?

What do your travellers want in this new world?

  • Flexibility, access to an expert, added perks, sustainability options?
  • Does dedicated service matter in a post-vaccine world?
  • Does detailed reporting matter in a post-vaccine world?
  • Is it better to do longer trips less frequently or day-trips?
  • Can you have expertise, service and still realise savings?
  • How important is it for your travellers to have access to immediate real-life support in one click or one call?

At Corporate Traveller, we answer each of these questions every day. After 30 years of navigating the complexities of business travel, we understand that, even now, it doesn’t have to be difficult. We’re helping thousands of businesses across the globe prepare for the new world of business travel. Your business has survived a lot. You deserve to reap the rewards of your ingenuity and perseverance. We’d appreciate the chance to share our new, informed perspective on this new world of travel. It’s designed to help you with yours. This small screen may be the first step toward refamiliarising yourself with that big, glorious screen in Terminal One. This is indeed your time to fly and we’re here to help...

Here are the steps to take before your next trip

We've broken things down in an easy-to-follow checklist that tells you where you should be checking and what you should be bringing.

Discover our Traveller Checklist

The world is re-opening.


Is it your time to fly?

Is it your time to fly? We can help.

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