Traveller Benefits

Get even better value for your travel spend by taking advantage of our unique traveller benefits. With TravelSmart, the longstanding relationship we’ve built with airlines and hotels means that we have the ability to add extras into our rates, all of which will enhance the enjoyment of your travellers, improve their comfort and increase their productivity.


Airlines featuring in our exclusive global SmartFLY corporate benefits programme offer a better experience to travellers via complimentary extras such as bonus frequent flyer points, lounge passes and fast-tracked boarding, on top of our specially negotiated fares.


Hotels participating in our exclusive global SmartSTAY corporate benefits programme offer added extras such as such as free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, late and early check-ins and check-outs or room upgrades, on top of our flexible corporate rates.




Another advantage to working with us at Corporate Traveller is our ability to negotiate added extras for flights and hotel stays, giving you access to more special offers and discounts than you’d get booking directly or online.

These added extras not only save you money on your bottom line but increase comfort and enjoyment for your travellers and increase their productivity while travelling.


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