Trust and Compliance

Effective Data Protection with Corporate Traveller

Corporate Traveller has always taken the privacy and confidentiality of your employees’ personal data seriously.

Data Processing Terms

When we process your employees’ personal data to make and manage travel arrangements on your behalf, we do so as your “processor”. We only process your employees’ personal data for this purpose and in accordance with your instructions.

The GDPR will require that such processing is carried out on specific terms that provide protection to data subjects (i.e. your employees).

With that in mind, we have introduced a data processing addendum for all our corporate customers. This document provides greater transparency and accountability in relation to how we process your employees’ personal data.

In accordance with the data processing addendum, corporate customers may subscribe to notifications of new sub-processors by filling out this form.

Privacy Notice (for prospective customers and enquiries etc.)

When we process personal data of individuals who are not corporate customers, we do so as a data controller and the provisions set out in our Privacy Notice shall apply.