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What our clients say

“Sarah came in and trained me on the tool. Initially I did a lot of offline booking through Sarah, but now I know our travellers’ typical needs and preferences it’s straightforward using the booking tool. The tool is very simple to use once you know what you’re doing and what you’re looking for.”
Vicki Mann//Executive Assistant//New Era


  • Headware and apparel company New Era wanted to get its business travel spend under control and identified online booking as a means to help. We explain how they went about it and what the company achieved


  • Average return fares have dropped by 35% on New Era's top ten routes
Corporate Traveller knows our policy and what our expectations are when it comes to travel. If anyone goes outside of the policy then they contact me to let me know. Corporate Traveller are my eyes and ears - its brilliant.
Jan Chorley // EA to Senior Management // Multi Packaging Solutions


  • Unstructured booking processes
  • Lack of Travel Policy compliance
  • Reduced reporting and visibility
  • Wasted time researching travel options


  • Blended online and offline booking solution
  • Increased productivity for travel bookers
  • Detailed management information
  • Greater budget control and increased savings
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